Monday, 20 October, 2008

What do you do when you have no money???

While growing up I dreamt of becoming a being of my own, a woman with an identity. I always assumed that whatever job/work I would do would get me money. I mean it never even registered in my muddled brain that I could become a modern working woman yet have no money in life. Women who have no money are the ones who are dependent on their fathers/brothers/spouses and cannot break through shackles however much they face discrimination. Since I had no interest in becoming such a person, money I assumed would flow naturally.

Problems cropped up when I decided to get into development field. In development field you get a lot of things like hands on experience, excitement, over work, interesting no highly interesting collegues, genuine warmth of people for whom you are working, sophistication of superior beings who work in UN and other such superior organizations but money. No ladies and gentlemen, you do not get any money. You go to work for a NGO they would welcome you, burry you under work but money, that is not a polite thing to ask for. What money? NGOs are hardly paying organizations, we can pay you enough to surivive a month in Delhi, well barely, rest please depend on others. So whom do you depend on? For me I went back to depending on my father.

Depending on father/brother/boy friend...does that make me a modern working woman? I mean not having enough money does that qualify me for the rest of the tag?

My colleagues and me, we keep cribbing about this lack of money in life. But lately this lack of money has been stressing me out with more frequency than what is good for my cholestrol level.

Time to look for some money making schemes.

  • Ok, I could play lottery: Have any one of you won a lottery ever? I could play Lotto but going by my luck dont expect to win. I have never ever won any kind of lucky draw, let alone a lottery of millions. Worth a shot at least...
  • Indulging in Criminal Activites: This could be a sure shot way to easy money making but since I am one of those hyper tensed people I do not think I would ever be able to enjoy the money acquired through this. Scrap...
  • Business venture: Mmmmm...worth exploring....

Ok cant think of any more ideas...


  1. Oh I empathize with you and totally identify with your you have thought up of a considerable number of hare-brained schemes.....but none will ever work. I think it has something to with the developmental field brain......phew. But we shall not give up.....promise to share any new ideas with you

  2. was a good read. Will comment here if I get any new money-making ideas :)

  3. As much as I identify with your dilemma, money does not make you a free person. What makes you a free, independent person, is choice. The choice to work for a cause that helps and furthers others, even if you cant survive. The choice of practicing your religion (which ever one it is) in absolute freedom of persecution. The choice of falling in love and marrying who YOU choose. The choice of electing and ousting governments that do, or don’t work for you. Its a very Western thing, this issue of "money makes you free". Money only corrupts. Stay independent, free thinking and Free....

  4. Dedicated to you.....


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