Sunday, 5 October, 2008

New bag...

Ok let me make this my accessory posting day. Now for my new bag. I gave this to myself on my birthday. I have been eyeing this bag forever. When I initially saw this bag it was in black, but the last one was already being paid for by someone. with heavy heart I saw the bag being given to someone else over the cash counter. Even since I have been to the shops numerous time, left my phone number with the sales boys there, to no avail. I have seen this in dark brown, beige, red and white but none stuck my fancy like the black one. Then finally saw this cherry colour and since the sales boys had no idea if black bags would come anytime in future bought this one. The cherry one is also nice and I have never carried anything in this colour. The colour is rich and deep, yet it goes with everything.
The little hanging bird is Aparna's gift to me from Varanasi. It is a cute little wooden bird with bells which tinkle when I walk.

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  1. croc texture is in fashion and i love that red...or any red for that mater :D
    nice :))

    Happy new bag :))


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