Tuesday, 30 June, 2009

Bride Series 5: Shoe Shopping...

Ok guys today after a long time I am in this mad frenzy of posting. This used to happen the most last year in June/July. Seems like am into celebrating a lil blog anniversary.
Anyways have been delaying this little bride update, the other day Soma and me, we went shoe shopping. We went to New Market. In college I used to frequent this shop in the newer part of New Market, the name I have forgotten. Anyways after 10 years or so my memory was a little rusty and I just wanted to check out the stuff there. It has been ages since I last bought shoes from New Market.

Hence the venture. Omg. That part of New Market has about 10/15 shoe shops all in a row and they fight like mad to attract customers. I do not even remember these other shops but they were all stuffed with shoes.

We had a gala time. Finally we went to this tiny shop manned by two teenage boys. After much haggling picked up the following shoes. But the boys have become my friends for life and promised me discounts forever. I still need to pick up one more pair of evening shoe (I am looking for a silver something which eluded me in this shopping spree) and also a pair of slippers. Since I could not pick up black shoes (black is a taboo colour in Indian trouseau) it was getting rather difficult since I mostly grativate towards anything black.
Some points I had to keep in mind while picking up the shoes:
  • Need sandals/slip ons to wear with the saris;
  • The slippers had to be in gold shades since the sarees are all heavy ones with zari work;
  • Need heels cos Indranil is 6 to my 5.1-- without heels I would look ridiculous beside him.
This one is my favourite, though this is wildly inappropriate, but what the hell, for once the red shoe looked better that its black version....

Well I could not wear heels all the time, this one is a comfort wear....


  1. all the shoes are really good loloking ... i specially liked the red one with the silk bow :-)

  2. Love the red pair girlfriend!! I want I want.....I must come to Cal. Leaving for Delhi today and hope to catch up with Anubha. Will miss you more when I am there......and I am sure you so totally get it......

  3. Kangaroo-relations for the shoosh.


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