Tuesday, 30 June, 2009

Enjoy the rains....

Right now I feel like Stephane Meyer's Twilight series hero Edward and his family. No no am not in the mood to suck blood. Another reason. Ask me why. Well Edward was a dracula and his family obviously consisted of father, mother and sibling draculas and whenever it rained they would play basketball. Well am at all into basketball but I sure love the rain. And man it is raining in such a sexy way in Kolkata right now.

I have been in a meeting continously today and the yesterday. By the time I was done today my brain was saturated, head was buzzing ( could literally hear the sound), temples were throbbing and for some reason I was famished. Went out to get a snack, it was all cloudy. While coming back it started to rain. Lovely. Though I didnt get the chance to get wet, the cool breeze, the cloudy sky and the fat rain drops refreshed my mind, cleared my head and filled me with a disproportionate sense of well being. I am happy to be alive and sitting here in front of my computer, the window is open and I can see and hear the rain. I so love this.

Yesterday Indranil was telling me that whenever it rains I write a blog post on it. Maybe I do-- I love the rains and find it a very soul cleasening and life giving process. The sounds remain long after the actual rain has stopped, trees look refreshed and green, earth becomes soft and the weather is so much more better.

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