Tuesday, 30 June, 2009

Little birdie...

Is'nt the little birdie in my blog header really cute? Last Saturday after somehow enduring office, Soma, Nisha and me, we had gone out in search of puchka. We walked to Basantidebi College, well almost walked, dragging a reluctant Soma along the way. Buro was not their but his nephew was there. Had puchka. In that lane there is this boutique called Rinku's, I have seen it forever but never ventured inside. That dat we went in, they have some really nice clothe evening bags, found this cute little key bag. Could not resist it. This purchase so reminds me of our (Anubha and me) mad shopping in Dilli Haat, People's Tree (though here Anubha used to go berserk, I could never afford their stuff), Kriti exhibitions, Khadi....the list goes on.

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