Tuesday, 16 June, 2009

Incompetent Vodafone....

Well I am definitely at the end of my steam here. Vodafone has been successful of driving me up the wall. The list of woes is not one.

  • Ever since I have taken the prepaid connection in December my international sms is blocked. After several customer care calls and smses I have stopped asking for activating my international smsing facility. It seems like they would be doing me a big favour by activating the sms service.
  • I topped up my pre paid connection for Rs 444 and the shopkepper sent the top up to another number. Hre immediately called up Vodafone, they asked to send some sms with promises of money refund within 10 days. That was beginning of April, in the middle of June nothing has happened. I am being bumped from retalior to customer care to distributer and God knows who else. You write them an email and get auto answers saying we will get back to you. I am so tired of waiting. pay my money back, let me make some calls (if you dont blunder and deduct randomly) and spend my money and I shall promptly switch to another service.
  • Yesterday for an international call, I was charged the exact double. So far I have spoken to 4 customer care officials and 1 manager, been kept on hold for an hour approximately by the 5 of them, learnt that stupid song of theirs by heart, but my money? Oh no sir, that has not been refunded. Apparently their system is down! And when you ask them to call you back, they have one standard line "I know Ms Majumdar that you must be busy but we cannot help it". Finally the manager after making me wait for some 15/20 minutes have promised to call me back. Lets see when that happens.

Zoozoos were fun. But I wish the company spends a little less on advertisment and made a little effort to retain their customers. They are frankly worse than a government office and the whole lot of them are bloody incompetent and inefficient.

They say the consumer has the ultimate power in today's materialistic world, where is that power I wonder?

Is it too much to expect efficiency for a service for which I am paying? However many zoozoo advertisments you make they have stopped impressing me long back. But then who said anything about retaining customers, getting the new ones is the motto, right?

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  1. I feel your pain so badly. Here we have Vodacom who is owned by Vodafone and their service is disgusting. Like you said their main aim is to get you tied into a 2 year contract and after that, you dont hear anything from them. Retaining is most surely not part of their plan.


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