Monday, 15 June, 2009

Monday Morning Share of Woes...

Monday morning I woke up with an uneasy feeling. I could feel that some body part of me was not alright. Slowly as I opened my eyes into another bright, hot and sunny Monday morning (damn every Sunday night I go to bed with the hope that it rains so much during the night, that the good old streets of Kolkata could be relied upon to be water logged which will make it impossible for me to go to office, horses being wishes and all that...) I realise that my neck and back are stiff and an experimental shrug triggered a shot of pain. So I technically begin my Monday with a wince. How nice for the whole week stretched ahead in front of me. Wincing I get up and set about finishing my morning chores. Had a brainwave that after bath I would apply some pain relief ointment. Since the human backside is hardly accessible for self application, had to prise away the maid from her work. Now our maid, God bless her, is an over enthusiastic individual who does not believe in doing things half way. I gave her a Voleni and asked her to apply a little since it is pretty strong. She thought that half a tube is less enough and smeared as much as she could, saving the other half for another day of torture. As soon as half a tube of Voleni was spread over my back, I felt like I was being ripped apart or rather my back was. I hollered like mad, jumping around. Man what a way to start a week!

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