Friday, 17 December, 2010

Borough Market...

One of the Sundays we went exploring the Borough Market. Being a popular market Sunday mid morning it was teeming with shoppers and tourists alike. I was so mesmerised with the sights and sounds and also a trifle bit jostled and pushed by the crowds that I forgot to take photographs.

The market is huge, in fact there were two/three adjacent seemed like the producers were selling directly. Apart from organic veggies, fruits, meat, fish...there were various types of cheese, couple of huge wine, beer and ale stalls, condiments like various sorts of jams, jellies, chutneys, olives, mustard, organic chocolates and some handicrafts but not much. All sorts of food specially meats like hog, venison, pigeon, wild boar were on sale, and then the hot dogs, burgers, fish and chips and an ample variety for the sweet tooth as well.

The coffee shop Monmouth was so crowded that we could not get in. Maybe next time!

The following photographs do not do any justice to the market. Just a sneaky peak.

 There were some amazing flower stalls and the arrangements were superb.
 I loved this ratan shelf. I so want it. It would look lovely in our kitchen.
 Some more flowers and pots...
 The best fish and chips we have had so far in the UK. The fish was super fresh and the fries were yummy! We shared one and that was more than sufficient for both of us.
Check out these curious little birds. I am sure they are pretty common here, but it was the first time I saw them.

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