Friday, 17 December, 2010

Sir Francis Drake and his The Golden Hinde...

Seeing this ship took me back to school and all those history lessons on Sir Francis Drake and how he defeated the Spanish Armada. And to think that he was actually fighting from  such a ship! This is sadly just a replica...

There is a museum inside the ship but we did not go in. If you want to know more visit this link.

This replica of Sir Francis Drake’s flagship, The Golden Hind is now a floating museum.
Feted as a hero in England, Drake was, not surprisingly, accused of all manner of foul deeds by his arch enemies, the Spanish, whose Armada he so devastatingly defeated in 1588 (helped more than a little by atrocious weather conditions!)
Rumour was rife that Drake had sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for prowess at sea, and that, in concert with Devon witches, he had cast spells to raise the storms that shattered the Spanish Armada.
The replica is open to the public. On board, costumed guides will tell you all about 16th-century seafaring life, although talk of the Devil may be slightly frowned upon!

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