Thursday, 16 December, 2010

The Grapes....

Since our early days in Oxford we have been planning to visit this quaint little pub called The Grapes. It is conveniently located in central Oxford just opposite to the theatre and Debenhams. In one year we never made it, finally during one of our recent trips to the town we went there. I loved the place.

Grape's history written in a blackboard....
The ceiling decorated with old theatre posters...wonder who gets up there to paste these posters....
Indranil's order...he was not too impressed with it. My sneaky feeling is because of the huge portion of peas which he hates and did not touch. I found the food good.
My order-- chicken and bacon sandwich in wholegrain of the best sandwiches I have had in the UK. I loved them  the chips were also good. The price is lower than the rest of high street pubs. I am definitely going back there again next time I am in Oxford.

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