Wednesday, 1 December, 2010

I know, I know...

I know that lately I have become really boring. Mostly I am silent, and then when I occasionally speak I am moaning and groaning and complaining. I am in one of the most interesting cities of the world  and I have hardly put up any interesting photos or shared my explorations...

I know I have not been fun lately. Promise guys henceforth posts will be more frequent and more lively and fun, and no moaning, okay less moaning.

Except for not finding the proper job, life is good. Stress and tension of shifting to London and husband starting his new job is over and done with, he is thankfully enjoying his work, exploring London regularly, reading lovely books, meeting interesting people, experiments with food and cooking going on. Decorating the house is 90% over, just lacks some wall hangings. From the new year we have promised ourselves that we will start travelling, come what may.

Better posts coming up soon!


  1. Life gives us so many moments to cheer, we just need to look back and say thank you...eagerly waiting for your new post.

  2. thanks for all the lovely comments hamid...they made my Sunday morning when I have to work. Anyway more posts coming soon!



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