Friday, 22 February, 2008

ah for a holiday...

Don’t know whether because today is Friday or because work has been extremely hectic for quiet sometime…today my brain has done a shut down. I cannot work anymore. Period. I sincerely hope that my brain recovers soon.
As of now my dear brain is refusing to do any bit of work. I tried to sit quietly in my place but phones kept coming, so did people. In case you think that I am a big shot I am not, I am the internship coordinator cum project manager cum fundraiser. Hence either my interns need me or my project people need me continuously. So what I did was go sit in another floor in an empty table for sometime. I read the newspaper supplement from top to bottom and lo and behold I was sought just once. This half an hour break really calmed my head.
I have noticed that when I am really stressed I cannot work at all. Rather when I do things casually much more gets done. But you do not always get choices in life.
Writing has also always helped me calm down and get things in perspective. What do I write about today? Ok let me talk about something, which is not going to happen to my life anytime soon-- a long, lazy holiday. What kind of holidays do you like? I generally like my holidays to be supremely lazy. I love the hills…some lush hillside…quiet and definitely not touristy. I love going to sleepy hill towns where nothing much happens and life is laidback and slow.
I love going to the hills in all seasons. I can go in the summer when the hills are not so hot compared to the plains, go for long walks in the mornings, spend lazy afternoons lying under some tree reading a book, eating fruits. In summer you do get such a wide variety of fruits. I love the hills during monsoons. Rains wash away all the grime and make everything look so lovely and fresh. I can watch the rain for hours. I love the smell of fresh fragnance of earth, which comes immediately after a good shower. I love the mountains in the winter as well. Imagine going for a long walk in the wintertime, sitting around a bonfire in the evening and singing songs and curling up beside a roaring fire at night with a good book.
How I wish I had the money to buy a small house in some sleepy hill station and live a lazy life. Alas it is going to be just a dream for a long time!

P.S. The photograph is taken from Google.

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  1. Since you love the hills so much, I am taking you to Coorg when you can take some time off........And I have similar ideas about holidays. Hate those ones wherein you have to pile in a million things to do


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