Wednesday, 20 February, 2008


Valentine day just went and finally spring has come to Delhi…the flower shops are overflowing. Few days back I was in Defense Colony market and the picture is of the flower shops there. The flowers looked so beautiful and colourful I wish I could buy the entire flower shop. But that is the funny thing with flowers…they are not much fun when you have to buy them yourself. Flowers should always come as gift. I know men pick their noses when women gush about flowers. But believe me women hold flowers very dear. Recently a friend in my office got herself lots of flowers. My roommate in Toronto always used to buy herself flowers when she felt sad or depressed. I have never got into the flower buying mode to cheer myself up…but I am sure it is much better than eating chocolates and getting fatter or going bankrupt shopping or smoking your lungs out. It is really funny how women deal with their depression. I feel we women are much more innovative when it comes to dealing with depression. All men do, experiences shared by my male friends over the years, is to get themselves drunk silly or smoke excessively. I read a lot, as it is I am one of those book worms but when depressed I generally don’t talk…all I do is engross myself in a good book and not think of whoever or whatever is making me sad at that point.
Anyways lets get back to the happy mode…spring is here fleetingly…have fun guys till it is here. When I was in JNU I used I loved going for walks around this time. The trees look so lovely. Many get new leaves and some have their leaves turn to rust shade. I love that dark rust. I feel the colour has a lot of character—it is deep and looks mature, very earthy and rather mysterious. Now I know usually colours are not described like this. But hey I am convinced that everything has a character of its own.
A few of us are planning to go to the Mughal Gardens one of these weekends. Lets see how that goes.

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