Thursday, 21 February, 2008

Going for a walk...

Spring has really come to Delhi. Today morning I actually woke up around 6.30 a.m. and Jayshree (my friend and roomie) and I, we went for a walk. It was lovely outside and felt good to be out. All of this winter I have been getting up around 8.30/9 a.m. and somehow rushing to office, always late. Now that winter is gone I amalready a bit more active. Spring always makes me long to walk. The weather is just lovely. Like I mentioned in the last piece I used to love going for walks during spring in JNU campus.
Here in Lajpat Nagar there is a park just outside our flat. The park is nothing much to go by, there are hardly any trees and no grass at all. But it is not the fault of the ground but of residents. All community affairs are held at the ground. So everytime there is something tents are set up and greenery goes for a toss. But cannot even blame the residents in Delhi there is so much space shortage you need community spaces too. Anyways this park suffices for our walk and today morning while walking I saw the area come to life—vans honking for school children, milkmen cycling by, newspaper-wallahs throwing papers to third floor balconies with exact target, people sleepily coming to their balconies for a few moments of peace and fresh air with the first cup of morning tea…it felt really good to watch these mundane activities…
Walking in JNU was another affair…there is a ring road which goes round the campus. I used to take that road. Only ten percent of the campus is habitated and the rest still has forest cover. Also the road is a bit hilly and there is no one around you. You can just be yourself with all the trees silently watching you go by. If you are lucky you can catch a glimpse of a peacock/peahen or a neelgai. I used to keep looking at the trees, be lost in my own thoughts. Writing about it makes me feel nostalgic, if JNU was not so far away I would definitely go for a walk again.
Another time I really enjoy walking is autumn. Like all Bongs I love autumn. Ah autumn brings in loads of nostalgia, promise of Durga pujo and all things good. But while in spring I gaze at the trees and the flowers, in autumn I gaze at the clear blue sky with puffy white clouds peacefully floating by. Also those white wild grass, which grows abundantly during autumn.

P.S. Isnt this photo lovely? Found it courtesy Google.

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