Sunday, 29 November, 2009

Christmas Lights

Last Friday evening Oxford celebrated an evening of Christmas lights. A huge tree was set up in the Broad Street and also some kind of musical performance was happening. Did not get to see because of huge crowd. The a procession of school children and their parents came and they went all the way to the Oxford Castle.

As it is Cornmarket Street always looks like there is a festival going on, what with big crowds and musicians playing lively music. That evening even Broad Street looked very festive and so was nearby Cornmarket Street. It seemed like a fair with balloons and lights and other toys being sold. Thankfully it was not very cold. Some photographs of the evening.


  1. Very very beautiful pictures (especially the ones in the last post)

    I envy you for staying in such a pretty place. :)

  2. @ vagabond...yes this is a lovely place to live in...oxford has a combination of history, nature and urbanity...which is pretty exciting to explore...


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