Sunday, 29 November, 2009


Remember I had mentioned that I was walking around in Oxford a bit. Last to last Sunday, since my husband was away the whole day in a conference and the sun was shinning I decided to explore the walking trails. Just behind our house there is the Walton Well Road which leads to a meadow. It is used to walking, excercising dogs and grazing cows and horses.

This meadow leads to several other walking trails. That Sunday I went straight. Next Thursday, my husband and me, we went to explore the Fiddler's Island, which is on the left of the same meadow. Some photographs of my Sunday walk.


  1. I am so glad to see your Blog.I would like to extend appreciation for your act.

    Nanhe se dil mein armaan koi rakhna
    Duniya ki bheed mein pehchan rakhna
    magar apna andaaz vahi purana rakhna
    En hoton par muskaan vahi rakhna

    With Regards

  2. thank you abida...what a lovely poem....i have a feeling that you have written this yourself...i remember you used to write little poems for priti and she used to read them shoud start a blog yourself....


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