Tuesday, 3 November, 2009

Super Lasy....

8.30 a.m. husband dashes off to work. I am barely up, somehow mumble a bye bye to him. Sleep hazy, go and sit in front of the computer. Long habits die hard i Suppose. Click around, nothing interesting, not a single email of interest...just some recruitment agency telling me that I might consider taking home economics course. Dude what do you think being homemaker is all about?????? Hhhhmmmmmppppphhhhh....nothing in Orkut or Facebook  either....no one wrote a scrap, nor did anyone float a spicy status update, just some photographs of people dressed like Dracula for Halloween.....

Yawn....waking up  is a real waste....so back to bed...yesterday night started a book called 'Sunday at Tiffany's'. Start reading it as a prelude to sleep. Oh I love this going to bed soon after waking up ritual. Not many people in this earth are entitled to such luxuries. Only the super lazy (like me) or the super sick or the super old and frail or the super unemployed (again like me) can get to do it.

The book is interesting, easy to read,  incredibly romantic, written by a man to boot and talks way too much about chocolate sundaes. Not fair, not fair at all....the greedy me had to feel greedy. So I had to get up and start eating the lone chocolate and mint lolly which I had left for husband once upon a time, out of deep love. This husband of mine never eats his portion of the goodies and then days later when I finish those, he suddenly has to remember and make a hue and cry about it. Anyways grumbling husband ceases to be of interest, the story is interesting. Aw so the lonely heroine who ate (just like me) to forget her woes and always had a secret stash of ores met her man long last. But.....now that she has met her man, she gets off food.....Hold on a minute...I sit up, I have met my man, married him and currently have a yummy husband (who occasionally snores and complains and grumbles, but never mind)...how come I have never got off food??? These romantic writers I tell you...fibbing to hook readers. Ah but you cant fib to me anymore. Once upon a time, the single pudgy me used to believe the moment I would meet my prince charming I would get off all unhealthy food. But truth to be told I never did. So the married pudgy me dont belive it anymore. Somehow after that the story lost its charm and anyways I had finished it.

I yawn and stretch myself. Clock shows quarter past noon...oh shit...I had promised Indranil that I would apply for jobs today.  Sit down to write apps...

God I hate writing these apps. How I wish I could just write my blog...but no duty calls. So half heartedly I start writing...oooppppps no....dressing  myself up for the ball (read the grind please)....After some uninspired and demotivated efforts, enlightment strikes.... a chore is a chore and what needs to be done, needs to be done. So I square my shoulders and get into the spirit of the thing.

I dress myself up in a stunning gown of efficiency silk, trimmed with multitasking lace, do my hair with little pearls of wisdom (hopefully some would ooze into my brain too).I take out my  crown of glittering dedication to flaunt. I twist and twirl....mmmmm no I still look too bare, need some more touches. Ah I just know the thing.... add a taira of responsibility, it looks pretty but just a moment.... the head looks triffle over done and the neck looks empty...I rummage through my storage of precious skills, looking for a choke of vast expereince. Damn it has not yet been passed to me. Not one to give up easily, I quickly retrive a necklace of positive attitude. I marvel at myself, this necklace is going very well with the earrings of honesty. Now for a little make-up. I lightly apply some friendly lipstick, add a dash of approachable rouge, some focused mascara and line my eyes with passionate kohl and spray a special perfume of graduate degrees and good communication skills ......I take my special decision making purse, throw the matching trouble shooting stole over my shoulder and wear the event management shoes. Ah now I think I am ready for the show. Come on ladies and gentlemen, give me a hand and send me some interviews please. Ms Sushi is ready to grace you with her excellence, brilliance and charm.

I take several small breaks...day dreams breaks...FB and Orkut checking breaks and Mafia War playing breaks....finally manage to finish the app by 5 ish. Before I could cringe in embarassment over my superlative talents and multiple skills and delete the entire thing, I quickly send off  the app.

Ah now I can blog. The photographs of Covered Market take a damnably long time to upload....time to wash yesterday's dishes and cook. I realise with a start except for that ice cream, a cup o noodle and some chocolate I have not had anything else. Oh poor me....But do not feel like cooking, so call up husband who is going to get the food. Husband comes laden with Chinese takeaway...entertains with stories of whole day and then washes all the piled up dishes.

Now is'nt this a super lazy day in the super lazy life of the super lazy Sushi????

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