Sunday, 29 November, 2009

Waving girls...

I was walking down the street, lost in my own thoughts. Suddenly I look up, a double decker bus probably from London, making its way slowly through Oxford, goes  past me. As is my habit I look up on top to see what people are upto there. The upper section of a double decker bus holds immense romance for me. Anyways I see this young girl sitting right at the end. Our eyes meet and she smiles, I was a bit surprised. Then I smile back. Soon the girl starts waving. Again I was surprised. Oh what fun. I wave back too. Soon two more girls materialise and they all start waving. The bus keeps going ahead, so the girls rush to the rear and then when the bus stops and I pass it, they come to the side, waving all the time. I see that some other passers by are also waving at them. There is something infectious about waving and it makes you smile!
I wish I had taken their photograph, they looked lovely waving from up there.

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