Tuesday, 24 November, 2009

Oxford Diaries: Oxford Botanical Garden

We have reached the fag end of autumn here but still the colours are awesome. I have been out walking a bit. Discovered a walking meadow behind our house which is beautiful. Also last Sunday went to Oxford Botanical Garden. It is a lovely garden, not very big but just beautiful. Right now still filled with gorgeous autumn leaves.
Last weekend was pretty hectic. A friend had come visiting, so we did all touristy things with her like a tour of all the Oxford colleges, visiting some of the old pubs and cafes etc. I haven't posted for quiet sometime so I wanted to just say hi.Enjoy some of the photographs from the botanical garden.


  1. Was wondering why we had not seen much activity here. Lovely pics Suchi....I was thinking that maybe you should write a book a kind of travelogue interspersed with pictures and tips on settling down for others who may walk in your shoes at some point!!

  2. Thanks Muthu.....well some other people have also suggested this book idea....but for that I think I need to travel and see a lot more...maybe when I am 60 or so...

  3. Beautiful Pics...love d autumn woodlands nd d yellow leaves that lie strewn allover in harmonious madness.


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