Friday, 29 August, 2008

Feel Good

Two days back, Smriti, Jayshree and me, we were trudging back home from a very exhausting day at office, when we went to have gol gappa. I usually do not like this gol gappa business, still die hard loyal to my puchka. But this time during my two week stay in Kolkata I did not get the chance to eat puchka even once. To make up for that this time I agreed to have gol gappa. It was good.

There was a churiwala sitting just next to the golgappa wala. After a long time I actually bought some blue bangles. Smriti and Jayshree in the picture.
Arent these colours just lovely?


  1. you have left me craving for some golgappas now ..sigh! :) Love bangles :)

  2. Me too :-) Love bangles, that is :-))))) Go get some golgappa girl and if you like me stay in pardes, you will have to make some yourself....


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