Tuesday, 26 August, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Dear friends,

Am back from my two weeks break at home. It does feel a bit horrible, though it is nice to be back in touch with all my friends in Delhi and also I kinda missed our terrace and bits and parts of office or rather the people. Needless to say way too much work piled up but not started any of it. "Time to get back to work Suchismita" I tell myself but so far my brain is refusing to process this information.

Since I am still so gung ho about home, googled water colour paintings of home and some very nice pictures flashed up. Putting up two for you.


Blogger back to blogging


  1. Welcome back.....missed the blogs....you have to make up for it. Lovely pictures of home sweet home

  2. Arrey yaar, are you going to write something or not??? Nonsense person


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