Thursday, 7 August, 2008


In the middle of a busy, busy day just when your brain feels that it cannot keep track of all the things that it needs to work on, the trick is to clear everything on your desk, put your head down, close your eyes and silently scream with all your pent up energy and frustration inside your head. Urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Then get up, cos you are too agitated to lie down, and start writing. Writing is supposed to be theurapatic right? Right?

I just did the screaming and now onto the writing. Before that had a fight with someone who moves at the speed of 1 inch an hour. Boss I am meeting two deadlines, and do not want to know if the scan machine does not work or someone has picked it from your table and dumped it in the dustbin or broken your head with it or whatever, you are being asked to scan, just scan and fast. No response, only blank face. Watery blinking eyes peering at me like I am talking in Hebrew. Urghhhhh. Why cant people just understand that there are some days when the other person is in a hurry and not interested in your health or your entire family history. Just do the work and get on with it.

March to the admin head and demand that a scan machine and a faster scanner be provided. Admin head the nice man he is, calls the slow man who then launches into a sob story. Women are too aggressive and some other bullshit. My face is turning red, so admin head hurriedly keeps down the phone and tries to pacify me. Thanks for trying, but no thanks. No point, so I find a solution myself. Got hold of the sweet office boy. I dont know why I try to stick to procedures and rules on such days, should have bypassed watery eyes and gone directly to ever resourceful Vikrant, who conviniently found a scanner and scanned the document which has already reached it destination. Vikrant is an interesting character, 22/23 years old, one brother sells veggies, the other is studying computer engineering and Vikrant works in our office. Already in his spare time he has picked up typing and types tomes for lawyers when watery eyes waters his eyes. Mark my words that boy will go a long way and I am going to push to get him become a typist in this office and whatever else he wants to be. He is too good and talented to waste it.

Talking about Vikrant's talents, soothe me. So now reply an email and get back to work.


  1. .....when you said 1 inch an hour I could think of atleast 3 people, but when you say watery eyes, me is clueless... pliss to be telling

  2. hehehehe madam, since you decided to quit hrln and go corporate you have lost the privilege to know the insiders' stories.....keep guessing...and no none of whom you are thinking....bad experience has made me steer clear of them....

  3. I normally shout out loud...profanities mostly...and then everybody in the office are on tender hooks with me...and they do things immediately...


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