Thursday, 21 August, 2008

How I Am Spending time from 9th to 21st August 2008

Books I read: Not reading any currently, strange for a bookworm!
Movies I saw: Come September, bits and pieces of Hum Tum.
Music I heard: FM mostly.
Shopping/purchases done: Well lots....
Gifts received: Lots again...guys am home.
Food Consumed: Eating at home, ma at her best, loads of nemontonnos as well.
Restaurants Graced: Bedouine and Zee Shan (both biriyani places), Stop Over (rolls), Kim Fa inTangra (China Town), Mocambo and Flury's (Park Street)-- all these are in Kolkata.
Friends/relatives/acquaintances/enemies I hanged out with: Home crowd....parents, brother and usual gang of uncles, aunts cousins etc etc and of course old friends Swati, Sudeshna and Sambaran and a new friend too.
Travel: Will be getting back to Delhi on Saturday.
On the phone with: Nocturnal creatures.
Anything substantial at work: Stray emails and phone calls...apart from that lazying at home.
Harmful activities: Over eating and lazying at home, sleeping till 11 in the morning, nap in the afternoons...oh what glorious life!
Anything creative: Eating (can that be creative?)
Sadness/depression/head & heartache: No time.
Hilarious stuff: General does of hahaha hehehe at home.
Any off beat activity: None
Future plans: None of my own, but my ma has some up her sleeve.
Severe Loss: N/A
Highlight of the week: Home, sweet home, and of course Kolkata.

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  1. Hey good to have an update from you and great to know you are having fun.......Take care and have a safe journey back


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