Monday, 4 August, 2008

Happy Birthday Baba

Today is my dad's birthday. Yes both my parents are Leos. Imagine growing up with two Leos. I will share a secret their (Leos) barks are way worse than their bites.
My father like the rest of his generation, is not even comfortable being wished on his birthday. Whenever I wish him he just doesnt know how to react, then mumbles a 'thik achee' (Ok). Imagine! But then this is what dad's are I guess.
God help you if you ever hit on the brilliant idea to give my father any gift. Whenever I gave my father anything be it a Rs 5 pen, a chocolate or a tee shirt, he is convinced that I have been cheated by the shop keeper. He would go on and on, till I would start screaming in frustration.
Last year I gave him a tee shirt and while giving him warned him if he asked for the price, or commented on the quality or wanted to pass it on to my brother cos it was too fancy for him or anything along similar lines I would be really angry. So mom says that he goes around wearing that tee shirt and tells people "my daughter has bulldozed me to wear this". Lets see what I can bulldoze him with this year.


  1. hehe :) My dad why all this....and when i wasnt earning i would buy gift from his own money...:D

    Happy birthday to your dad..And dads are always the best..:)

  2. thanks sharanya, yes dads are the best :)
    i have done that too, buy my dad gifts with his money, give my mom something which i knew she would never use but i would use....and other mean things which you can do only to your parents....


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