Friday, 8 August, 2008

What I Did Last Week: 2nd to 8th August 2008

Since I am going home today, this comes a day early....
Books I read: Reading a book about a nun, still not remembered the name. Hardly read 10 pages, though those pages were pretty interesting.
Movies I saw: Ugly & Paagli and Shall We Dance.
Music I heard: FM mostly.
Shopping/purchases done: Silver earn rings (4 pairs), one ring (with pretty pink stones), one diamond nose ring all from Chadni Chowk and tee shirts for my dad and bro and will sweets for home count?
Gifts received: A poem.
Food Consumed: Eating at home or not eating at all, yes strawberry cheesecake shake, chicken salad and chocolate volcano which literally had chocolate sauce oozing out, jaleebis with koolfi, sada vada and pineapple juice. Ha made ladies finger/dharosh ka sabji, since it was me cooking veggies (kya din agaya hain life main) that too with curry patta I was very doubtful but turned out well.
Restaurants Graced: China Hut & Kadmi Dukan (Bhogal market), Mocha and Angels in My Kitchen (Def Col), Sai Sarovar Pure Vegetarian Food (Lajpat Nagar)
Friends/relatives/acquaintances/enemies I hanged out with: Usual lot, Anubha’s friend who comes to our house with food/drinks, makes us drinks while we laze around, and lecture him on his future and generally bully our benefactor while Anubha keeps getting mad at the already confused boy.
Travel: Starting today. Going home. Oh yeah.
On the phone with: My parents, brother, cousin brother and of course Swati (though this week I have not been giving her time, either she calls during office hours or I call her when she is in dreamland).
Anything substantial at work: Yeah.
Harmful activities: Where do I start? Seesha/Hooka (green apple flavour) at Mocha and flavoured vodka (green apple and orange—tastes like dream, heard vanilla is dreamier, will have to try that one) on our terrace.
Anything creative: Emailing (can that be creative?)
Sadness/depression/head & heartache: No time.
Hilarious stuff: General does of hahaha hehehe till 1 a.m. and then again at 6 a.m.
Any off beat activity: Five days of continuous early morning waking up (pat, pat, pat my back). Heavy doses of emailing.
Future plans: Someone will come and cook for us which we will have to eat with ‘shonaheno mukh’ (cant translate).
Saw this fabulous meena and jarwa gold set embedded with real diamonds and emeralds…………………………man…………………………. Can I even ever possess something that beautiful? I just touched it tentatively and felt like a princess. But should someone have that kind of expensive thing? That idea rankles a bit.
Severe Loss: Ability to sleep.
Highlight of the week: Curious incident of the owl.


  1. oooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... nijer blog e post korar belay time thakey ... ei bela kono time crunch nei ... ok ... note kora holo

  2. caught :) yes boss i concede....but will tell u later, why and what for....

  3. am fine..............will call u presently and disturb u in ur no work.....................................................:) by the way picked up stuff that u wanted yesterday....


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