Saturday, 2 August, 2008

How I spent this week: 19th to 26th July 2008

Books I read: Started reading a story about a nun, forgotten the name, pretty interesting.
Movies I saw: None.
Music I heard: FM mostly.
Shopping/purchases done: Gearing up for today. Going to Chadni Chowk for some jwellery shopping.
Gifts received: One cute flower shaped page marker from Anubha as peace offering.
Food Consumed: Chocobar ice cream, Chinese khana (chicken lollipops and Cantonese noodles), biriyani, mutton bhuna, Anubha’s cooking, jalebis (Aagney’s birthday treat, you have no idea the amount of coaxing he needed, he skipped Christmas, Good Friday, finally could not escape his birthday), chocolate mousse (forgotten from last week), blueberry cheese cake (forgotten from last to last week).
Restaurants Graced: China Hut & Kadmi Dukan (Bhogal market), Moets (Def Col) and Barcos (CP) and any other places which I forget Anubha will remind me and I shall mention later.
Friends/relatives/acquaintances/enemies I hanged out with: My usual friends.
Travel: Home to office and back and the same again and again and again…
On the phone with: My parents, brother, cousin brother, cousin sister, Honey and of course Swati.
Anything substantial at work: Internship lunch. Also got displaced for the fourth time in one year, I am so tired of these shifts. At least this time I have been able to cling on to my soft board.
Harmful activities: Loads, any problem?
Anything creative: Bheja fry.
Sadness/depression/head & heartache: Remarkable cheerful week even in the face of boredom.
Hilarious stuff: Yesterday evening.
Any off beat activity: People are teasing me for a change.
Future plans: Run away.
Severe Loss: Friendship with Anant Asthana. Alveeda dost.
Highlight of the week: Severe hair loss due to mental unstability. Patched up with Honey on his birthday.

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