Sunday, 7 September, 2008

Candle Lit Bathrooms

Candle light dinners are heard of and romanticised about, but have you ever heard of candle lit bathrooms? This is the photo of our bathroom (Anubha's and mine). The bulb went out and us being very lazy bugs weare, we just kept delaying replacing the bulb. Then one evening I tried having a shower without any light and felt a little of the problems that a visually impaired person faces every moment. As a temporary solution I got this candle into our bathroom. This temporary solution worked for a really long time till I returned from Kolkata to find that Anubha finally replaced the bulb. No more candle lit bathrooms for us.


  1. Hey.....I have a story about candlelit bathrooms involving Aarzoo. Once again you inspire me to write......I can see you are getting into the writing groove


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