Saturday, 13 September, 2008

Why? & Who? & How?

I am angry, I want to talk;
But who will listen to me?
Who wants to listen?
Who cares, who bothers?
Does anyone?
Where is our protector?
Is She sleeping?
What will happen to the family of those who died today?
What will happen to those mothers who lost their children?
Would those fathers be able to forget the trauma ever?
Who will go and get the medicines from outside shops?
Are the shops even open?
Did anyone check before asking?
From where will the blood come?
Would I be able to walk those roads again and feel safe?
Whom am I bothered about more, me or them?
Those who died and those who got injured?
Or it is just me that I am bothered about?
I was not even part of it, then why?
Why am I angry?
Why do I have the urge to cry out loud?
Why do I want to lash out?


  1. I too have the same feeling!!!!!!!!!!! Why do they need to kill those innocent people .........I can't understand????????

  2. yes belief we are all pondering over these questions...thanks for visiting my blog and reading...:)


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