Monday, 22 September, 2008

Playing hookey and going to Lodhi Gardens...

Friday morning dawned cloudy and rainy in Delhi. I woke up, took one look outside and decided that I do not want to go to office. Told Anubha about my decision and went back to bed. Jayshree came by my room a little later, all dressed in her lawyer's clothes ready for office. I announced no office for me today, she jumped right in that then she would also not go. Yupppppppppppppiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeee. Decision taken I sat up on my bed, ok what all to do...lets go to Lodhi Gardens, yes and Sarojini Nagar Market. My plan was to laze for sometime and then go in the afternoon. But Jayshree being Jayshree of course she was not ready to wait till afternoon. Finally we went out around noon, crossed office fugitively and then we were free birds for the day. Had a great time.
For those of you who have not been to the Lodhi Gardens very briefly this garden was built by the Lodhis roughly around the 15th century. Just before coming of the Mughals. In fact Babur defeated Ibrahim Lodhi in the first battle of Panipat in 1526 and started Mughal rule in India. This is an amazing garden right in the middle of Delhi, it is huge and has lovely trees and lawns and two masoleums and one mosque. Once you are inside the garden all the traffic, noise and grime of the city fades away and you get transported to the world of the Lodhis.
Enjoy the photographs!


  1. Mmm hope nobody from your work reads this and sees you took the day off....hehehe looks like an amazing building in the gardens.

  2. Hey hope the BOSS does not have the link to your blog.....But hey good for you......And thanks for the history lesson

  3. well i have lots of leave pending so even if they knew i am sure there is not much they can do......also it was a lovely day and i had no urgent like in yesterday kind of work pending so....


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