Tuesday, 9 September, 2008

Scared Shit...

Are you one of those who scare easily? If you are, I totally empathise with you dear reader. If not, then this is not for you to read and laugh about the lesser mortals like us who are prone to fear. I am one of those people who is scared of everything-- human beings (leary men and scheming women), ghosts, spirits, unknown assassins, lightenings, storms, calling bells tinkling at odd hours, darkness, unknown, relationships, commitments, horror movies, creepy stories, spending the night alone in a house...you name it and it is already there on my list. I have already been afraid of it at some point.
This is what Anubha my flatmate and dear friend has to say about me and my bravery "Now Suchi is someone who gets startled even if you walk past her into your own room at any point of time, sometimes i think she is going to have a heart attack if i walk past too often!!!".
Since I was a kid I hated watching even the silliest of fight sequences in Hindi movies. So I just shut my eyes, or cover them with my hands or better still keep a pillow or at the very least a duppatta to protect me from bad scenes. I remember my father trying very hard to deter me from doing such silly things but then I would just get up and leave the room. So after a point of time he stopped and thoughtfully nod his head like "what will happen to this silly girl?".
I have just watched two/three horror/ghost movies in my life time, simply because my brother insisted and made me watch. One was Psycho and the other was Sixth Sense and another one was Ghost (imagine not seeing Ghost and missing out on all that great romance). While watching these movies, when creepy scenes came I would just cover my eyes and try and shut out the sound till my brother would shake me to inform that the scary part was over and that I can safely open my eyes.
The other night I was talking to Sapphire when he said that one of his friends who has passed away, still has got an active Orkut account and people scrap and all. The whole night I dreamt of some dead man operating an Orkut account and visiting me not only in Orkut but in real life. Just imagine! I have even thought over potential conversations with ghosts if they ever visit me. Of course this was inspired by Charles Dicken's novel Christmas Carol and the conversations Ebenezer Scrooge had with the Christmas spirits visiting him.
My cousin brother in Delhi, himself a more easily scared guy than me, takes great pleasure in trying to scare me. The first few occassions I would get really scared but soon realised the more scared I get, the more fun he is going to get. So I devised a method-- when he tried to scare me I would scream and keep screaming so much so that he would get scared himself. This method proved to be really successful and he has finally outgrown the habit of trying to scare me.
Once in home someone got a really scary looking mask and there was a mad round of shreiking and screaming. Everyone got scared except my dad. It is ironical that my father is someone who is never scared of anything and me, his daughter is such a scary being.


  1. lol i am one of those whose heart literally jumps out of the body when someone passes by and im in my own world...and when i get startled i scare the shit out of the other person as well because he/she cant figure out what he/she did :D

    but otherwise im usually a brave person :)

  2. You and I sail in the same boat dearie.....including the part about daddy dearest. I keep hearing eye popping stories of the dares my father took and won. Will share notes when we meet

  3. muthu and sharanya...lets us, the not-so-brave-ones of the world unite ;)

    hey sharanya thanks for this follower thing...seems like a new thing...but very motivating ;)


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