Thursday, 25 September, 2008


Today Yahoo is flashing on its web page an article on the richest pirates of the world and the most dangerous waters. Just imagine being a pirate in the Malaccan Straits and living a dangerous life attacking ships!

I dont know why but I am very attracted to sea men and if they are dangerous pirates the attraction increases manifold. Reading about these pirates and the waters they ply I so long to be one of them and just roam around the world.

As a kid I was facinated with the adventures of Sindabad the Sailor, from the Arabian Knight's Tales. He was my ideal hero, he was free as a bird and an explorer and adventurer to boot. How lucky he was, I often used to think. I had this Amar Chitra Katha series of Sinabad's stories. I used to look at the graphics where Sindabad would be fighting with a huge bird with flapping wings or trying to stave off a huge python which has somehow wound its way around his neck and I would be terrified yet have immense faith in his ability to deal with all menancing things.

In fact at one point I used to day dream about being the female version of Sindbad and have the adventures that he had. Or maybe marry a modern version of Sindbad and sail away to sunset.

Then I got my hands on R.L. Stevenson's The treasure Island and some more sea and ship wreck. My imagination went into overdrive.

Ever since I have picked up all sea related books and read them. Funny thing is I have never sailed or been on a ship. Maybe that is why this facination exists.

Garcia's "Love in the Times of Cholera" also had a lot of sea and ships involved and I just loved the book.

Beth, my Philipina friend introduced me to the Pirates of the Carribean movie series. Johnny Depp is as it is a yummy piece of a man. As a pirate he is just mind blowing. Those movies can be seen just to olge at Johnny Depp. A big tub of hot buttery pop corn and Johnny Depp on the screen with a bunch of like minded girl friends make a perfect Saturday night. Another layer to facination with pirates for me. Today reading the article and looking at the photographs of the sea ports and straits makes me really nostalgic and dreamy.


  1. are the benchmark for the ultimate romantic....

  2. thank u muthu dear....hope it is a compliment cos i am taking it as one :) have you been yaar?


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