Saturday, 6 September, 2008

Loony Toon

This guy in the photo with Anubha is a guy whose sense of humour is a little haatke. When Anubha announced one slow Saturday evening that a friend of hers is coming I did not expcet much. But this guy came and kinda threw a storm. Meeting him is like meeting a cartoon character in real life. He is funny, no very very funny and loves sitting under an umbrella in heavy rain and eating hot chocolate fudge.
I hope you are reading this Mr. Please do come over to our house another evening and this time please do not bring the rain with you. Come with a dry head and....
Keeping joking and making others laugh. Ahem!


  1. Finally!!!!!! That's a start your writing again....Ladki triple century nahi banana hai kya

  2. i knw....wat happened??? got bored of blogging....
    plzzz keep writing...

  3. hellos...howdy...
    wonly 7& 3/4 lines...
    i merited more i say

  4. hey muthu, how are you? did you promise yourself that you will not talk to me unless i write something in this blog? :) missed you sweetheart....will try and be more regular.

  5. hey sonal sweetie, finally you commented on my blog...thanks sweetie....if you keep reading of course i will keep writing....

  6. fire in the hull....shall i call a fire engine?...anyways ek to likha tumhare baare main, aur uske upar se are stupid, throw knives at them....:)

  7. i love too to sit under an umbrella when its raining and eat hot chocolates, pakoras :)


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