Monday, 22 September, 2008

Destressing Activities...

This weekend I was rather stressed and whenever I am strssed I eat way too much or immerse myself into a book. But strangely I did not feel like eating, most probably because I was already stuffed after a vert late lunch and for the last few months have not been reading at all. Right now going through a phase where I just cannot concerntrate. So I did some creative work to keep my mind off. I had picked up these bells when I had gone to Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh way back in May. These bells are sold in Dilli Haat and while I have a few small ones cant get enough of them. While in HP I kept meeting cows and bullocks who had these bells on their neck. Asking around I was told that I would find these bells in hardware stores. So next time I was in a market went to the nearest hardware store and got it. But unline the ones which are sold in Dilli Haat these bells came without any frill. So decided that I would decorate them with some beads. Now where to find beads. Bought some beady wristlets and got the beads from them. Finally after a good 5 months of planning one evening of stress got me finish these.I made some fishes for my office soft board last year or so. While making those promised Jayshree that I would make her some as well. Finally Jayshree got her fishes this Saturday.

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