Thursday, 22 October, 2009

Getting the coins right...

Have you guys ever have problems with your coins? Well whenever I shift to a new country, the first few weeks go trying to figure out the coins. Initial days in Canada I remember holding up queues in super markets while I tried to figure out the coins and give the correct change. It used to be rather embarassing and the more embarassed I got the more muddled I would be. People behind me in the queues would be shifting impatiently while I would vainly try to see which coin is what. Mostly the teller would come to my rescue and sort through the coins to extract the correct change.

Same thing is happening in UK as well. Like everything else I am getting to know the coins. But this time I have become smarter, I have kept a small coin purse where I keep all the change and only take those out when there is no queue behind me.

One irritating thing in these countries is the usage of one and two pence. Not that you can use these to buy anything, but since they are in circulation they just tend to make your purse heavy.

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