Sunday, 25 October, 2009

Oxford Diary: Apple Crumble

In my boring  home maker avatar I have turned chef. Last week we had picked up a bag of apples which were actually very sour. Since we could not eat them, I decided to try making apple crumble with them. When I was in Canada, my French room mate Pauline used to make apple crumbles often. She used to say that it is easy to make. So I took heart from that advice and ventured forth. Found plenty of recepies and demo videos in the net.
It really is easy to make and awsome to taste. So if you have some sour apples you cant eat go on and try it.
First peel off the apples, and chop them. I had about 5 apples, then I poured about three fourth cup of powder sugar and mixed it with the apples. I read in one of the recipies that cinnamon and clove power makes it aromatic. I have put in both. But I would suggest just put in cinnamon and not clove. Though smelling great, clove was not tasting too well. It tasted too strong.

The chopped apples mixed with sugar and cinnamon powder.

Now for the crumble. About a cup of self raising flour, butter, one fourth cup of sugar. All this was mixed with hand till it almost looked like bread crumbs.

Then get a baking dish or a foil, smear it with butter, pour the apples and then speard the crumble paste evenly. I baked it for 40 mins in 180 degrees. Afterwards I let it cool for 15 minutes and the crumble was ready to eat. Eating suggestion was with vanila ice cream or fresh cream, since I had none at home, I ate it just like that. In fact I am eating this while writing this post.


  1. is simple indeed. Now I must get myself and oven. LOL!! And will do as instructed in the mail as well as the demo....

  2. thanks let me know how the experiment goes :)

  3. I am so pleased to see you are keeping yourself busy with cooking. I love apple crumble, but have never made it. Now I am inspired to make it myself!!!!

  4. oh well i have to do something to stop myself from going gaga...bwt you shld try it, apple crumble is really easy to make and let me know how it goes :)


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