Monday, 5 October, 2009

In the heart of greenery and solitude....

In the mad rush after our marriage,one good thing that Indranil and me, we did was to go for a small weekend trip. I got to know about this place from Anuradha who had gone there before. The village is called Kamarpara and the resort if it can be called that, is called Aro Aakash. This place is about 10 kms from Bolpur station. Once we booked the room, pickup from station was organized. Friday morning we caught Shantiniketan Express and reached Bolpur by 1 ish. From there it took us for 20/25 minutes in the car.
We were there for 2 nights and 3 days. All we did was eat, sleep,take walks, sit in front of our mud house and chat. On Saturday we ventured out to see Shantiniketan, it was an aborted home coming for me and then we went to see this haat and went shopping.
This trip was a much needed rest between super hectic schedule. The place was so serene that it kind of took our breathe away just by its simplicity. There was no television, no radio, no space for any laptops, in fact there was barely any electricity. All we could see was green and water and all we could hear was the cricket and frogs. Some photographs from the trip.

View from our house. There was nothing except green and ponds all around us. Since it was the middle of monsoon, the two days we were there, it kept raining, making it all the more lovelier and greener.

This is where we stayed. My first experience of staying in a mud house, though with a modern western style toilet.

The mud house where we stayed was called ekka (meaning one floored). It could be seen far away in the distance beyond the pond.

Way from our home towards the main gate. The house that can be seen in the distance is another mud house, this one is called dokka since it is two storied.

Water drenched paddy fields.

Just some random landscapes.

We visited a haat (market) which happens every Saturday, some 5 kms from Shantiniketan. This is a new phenomena when I as a child used to visit Shantiniketan, never saw this. That afternoon it was raining cats and dogs. Most of the stalls could not be displayed. Found this potters' stall who had braved the rain. This lady in the middle of the photograph is the potter who had done the cups, vases, ashtrays etc. Picked up a small fish shaped ash tray.

Inside Shantiniketan.



  1. Hi,

    Its an afternoon on a working day and I was reading your blog! I should be working.. huh..
    Anyway, Its a very simple blog and so nicely written.I liked the Shantiniketan visit you did. I am getting married too and I think a sneaky visit over one of the weekends would definitely ease up the tensions a little.
    Leaving a note because I feel exactly the same while writing my own blogs.. that noone's ever going to read so why bother writing!
    Anyway happy writing

  2. Hi Shireen,as I sit late at night here waiting for the stupid mafia wars game in facebook to finish one level, your comment hit my mailbox. Thanks for popping by, yes I do that often, read or write blogs when I am supposed to be working :). Well for some reason I cannot find any blog links for you, could you please leave me your link, I would love to visit your blog. Are you Amitrajeet's friend by any chance, if not it is fine. It is Amitrajeet is a friend of mine, one of whose friend is getting married, so I just wondered.
    Take care, and if you visit back please do leave your blog link.

  3. hi suchismita! if you could send me the contact details of 'aro akash' resort@ thanks.

  4. hi!
    can you please let me know, the contact details and tariff structure of the place.
    your blog is really well written. i found the initiative of penning down your experience superb. i n my hubby, ofetn venture out to place swith can be classified as picturesque and virgin, and are ofetn filled with ideas of sharing experiences on trhe web, but when back to the busy city life, the idea never materialises.



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