Wednesday, 14 October, 2009

Oxford Diary: Getting bored, parsley tubs....

Oh well I picked up this tub of parsley from M &S today and I am really kicked about it. I love the green and it just adds colour to our window sill and I am sure will make food much better as well. I remember when I used to live with Anasua at one point in Delhi we used to have tussle over parsley seasoning. I for one can have parsley seasoning in all my food, while Anasua was the more discriminating sort. So finally we settled on a bargain that we have parsley seasoning on whatever I cook and when she cooks no seasoning. I am sure soon Indranil would also start complaining about parsley overdose.

Except for my doing housework nothing much is happening. Indranil's classes have started, so he is mostly gone or when at home studies! Yes horror of horror I am married to a guy who is engrossed in some book or article or FB all the time. How I hated this very idea and how Angira and me, we had sworn that we would never marry a fellow student. I I could shrug off the shackles of studies but lo and behold within a month of marriage husband gets into an intensive course. Left to myself I am getting super bored. I don't really know what to do with myself. I got out for a walk and grocery shopping, that finishes in 40 minutes, I start reading a book, that too finishes in 2 days. Have chatted with all the friends in my gtalk,left sentimental messages to those on FB list, even become regular in Orkut. Still it seems like time doesn't pass. Have to look for a job for my sanity's sake, but so far being clueless continues. Now I guess I am bored enough to actually do something about being clued in and getting the job.

On a brighter note, got myself membership in Oxford Public no lack of books. Also picked up some movie dvds, didn't know they cost, but oh well. Anyways watching some old Cary Grant movies and loving him.

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  1. Love your parsley looks wonderful !!!!


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