Friday, 2 October, 2009

Oxford Diary: SBS, kind lady, flu....

SBS just in case you are wondering is short form for Said Business School. Today they organized lunch for partners and families for the new students. I was a bit late, arrived only to see Indranil waiting at the traffic signal, looking mighty impatient. I realised soon when we reached the drinks' table to discover that all the wine had disappeared. There was one glass of red wine, which after one cursory offer to me, Indranil promptly gulped down. I managed to get some sparkling water, which is not my drink any day. Urgh....The food was good though, pies with cream, cold cuts, fruits, meat balls, chocolates and candies.

Met some of Indranil's Indian classmates. In fact the Indian students are planning a diwali celebration and there was a little impromptu meeting held after lunch. It reminded me so much of our meetings held at Ganga Hostel, JUN to plan the Bengali night. The celebration promises to be interesting, lets see how it goes.

After the lunch, I decided to go check out Argos. We had checked Argos online yesterday and they have some kind of clearance sale which looked interesting. Argos turned out a completely 'students getting ready to get back to school' kind of place. I could find nothing of interest there, or maybe they sell only online, need to figure that one out. Feeling disappointed, cos I really wanted to pick up some deals from there, ventured into another shop. I am forgetting the name of this shop, but they had good stuff and the best part was the sales lady asked me whether I was a student. When I told her about my husband being one, she said we could get 10% discount, so I should come back with him. I wanted to pick up a shopping trolley, asked the sales lady if they had any, they didn't, but one kind lady overheard and suggested that I go check out Marks & Spencer, they had something. Better still the lady took me there herself, found out the trolley bag and even helped me operate it. She was out shopping for her daughter and seemed really peeved that her daughter was not responding to her text about some urgent shopping decisions, she reminded me so much of my mom. I told her so, some relationships are all the same, no matter in which country or culture you belong.

So thanks to this kind lady, I hope she had a successful shopping spree, my first venture into Marks & Spencer happened today. I know venturing into a shop is nothing exciting, but hey if you have been hooked into English lit like me places like M &S are like landmarks. It is never the same to venture into M &S in India. I wish I had money to pick up at least some of the goodies on sale. Never mind, I am sure my time would also come. Though picked up some body sprays for Indranil, poor guy he had left most of his stuff back home.

Next venture was Sainsbury. I have become a regular visitor there, soon it would seem like my next home in Oxford. Picked up a 16 piece dinner set and some wine glasses, so now apart from out 2 mugs and 2 plates, we have some more plates and mugs. Yeeeeee we are rich!

Indranil has flu and what a bad patient he is. He is one of those who feel that they are going to die every time they sneeze. To make matters worse we are not yet registered with NHS. He is being really paranoid and I am sure worsening the flu. I have always hated nursing, that remains unchanged. Wont make any Florence Nightingale any time soon.

Oh reading this really interesting but thick book called London. Fascinating.

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