Thursday, 1 October, 2009

Oxford Diary: Being Wifely...

First of all apologies for being away from my blog for such a long time. I was getting married and then before long started to get ready to come to Oxford with Indranil. Pre deputure days were horrible, I worked till the last, shopped, sorted, packed, scuttled between in-laws and parents' home, met all kinds of relatives (in India relatives except you to visit their homes soon after your marriage, since we were going away soon the pressure was treble)...

Finally reached Oxford 2 days back, kind of done with the initial settling down, Indranil's b course induction has started from yesterday, so I am kind of in a loose end. Yesterday I ventured out and did some shopping (all essential mind you cos we are on endangered list, one student and the other unemployed), cooked food, picked up Indranil's clothes thrown all over the flat. Today morning after Indranil kind of rushed out (he is always running late), it suddenly hit me that I have become very wifely-- I cook, I shop, I sort and fold clothes, look for cheap deals. Something in me protested, so ever since I have demolished 3 packets of potato chips ( no sorry crisps) and slept for some solid hours. Now trying to decide whether I should go out for a walk or not. It is one of those rare sunny days, the enthusiastic part of me says I should take advantage of it while the lazy part of me refuses to.

Here time passes super slow. I kind of automatically wake up around 7ish....Indranil goes out by 8.30ish....and then the clock just refuses to move. I wish I had this much time in India when I was rushing around non stop. Have to get into the habit of orkutting again.

Must upgrade my resume and start looking for a job soon. I am completely dreading the idea, but some bulls have to be taken by the horn. Now that kind of sounds cheesy, doesn't it???

On this note, bye. From now on I have a feeling that I am going to be a very very regular blogger.

Oh the photograph in the header is taken from our flat's window.


  1. ye!! finally!!back again :)

  2. Hey good to see you back. The pic on the header - can you do something about the sizing though?


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