Monday, 12 October, 2009

Oxford Diary: Breakfasts....

Now that I have my own house to run, I am so far doing a fair job I guess. Since I am not doing much else as in looking for a job, I am doing a lot of home cooking. But here in UK my favourite meal is the breakfast. You can start eating lovely things like croissants, pancakes, Nutella, strawberry flavoured yogurt, and so many more goodies. Since we have reached I have made Nutella a part of all my meals as well as in between snack so much so that Indranil has suggested that I write to Nutella company to make me their most valued customer! Now wouldn't that be great, if that ever happened?

Coming back to breakfasts, today for Sunday breakfast I made pancakes. Considering that it was the first time I made pancakes it came out pretty well, not that you can go wrong with all the detailed instructions in the back of the packets.


  1. Tor sangsharik jibon tofa cholchey dekhchi.

  2. Nutella is the best thing in the world. I am so happy you are happy in the UK, and married!!!! What is your new last name?

  3. @ JELL, yeah long time, how have you been. now i remember that i havent been to your in a really long time. oh well havent got any new last name, i love my old last name and am sticking to it :)

  4. @amitrajeet, yes radhchi, barchi, bason majchi....ghoro toro housemaker re....


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