Tuesday, 25 May, 2010

Let me in...

Standing at the threshold, waiting to be let in, knocking and knocking...no one answers. How long can you stand, how long can you knock? At times feeling frustrated I try and knock loudly, raising the heavy brass knocker with all my might and crashing it back on the thick oak door, at other times I make half hearted attempts, rapping my knuckle feebly against the wood. I have been at this door for a long time...sometimes it rains, sometimes it snows and sometimes the sun is out. Sometimes I feel cold then I draw my cape tightly around me and sometimes I feel so hot that I throw my cape down.

Trying to get in is testing my patience most horribly. Sometimes I just give up and sag against the door, at other times I feel determined and ready to persist till eternity. Once when I had almost given up, a little face peeked out from one of the upstairs windows and smiled at me. Now I know they are all there just a door away and I have to get to them. But how?

Oh God give me patience and give me courage and give me faith to keep knocking!

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