Friday, 21 May, 2010


Have you guys seen the trailer of Sex and the City 2? OMG it is like a Bond extravaganza with exotic locales, skimpy men in plce of skimpy women and glittering sets. To keep a flavour of the S & the C there are of course the four women (wearing some not so nice dresses), husbands, kids, cocktails and resurrection of ex boy friends. I am not sure I liked it, at least the trailer has packed in too much of everything and no substance.
When Carrie in her usual style said 'What happens after you say I do?' I was expecting some dissection on marriage, dreary domestication and of course the fun time they usually manage to have etc etc. This movie instead has taken a leap into the exotic and in my opinion completely lost it. The movie is releaseing in the UK soon but I am not spending money to watch it.
If you guys do, do let me know how you liked it.

Post script: Someone after reading this asked me in facebook whether I have at all seen the seasons or the first movie.. here is my views on chicklits in general and sex and the city in particular!

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