Sunday, 16 May, 2010

Looking back...

Now that I have again developed the habit of not being to sleep at night, my favourite way to spend nights is to watch the railtracks and listen to my husband's ipod. Lately I have been listening a lot to Ajan Datta.

His music is as fresh as ever. I am listening to him after a long time. His music takes me back all the way to my city Kolkata, to the old days, to the happiness, the sadness, the growing up. Now when all those memories come flocking back, I smile to myself. Its been a long journey and when I look back I don't think I would want to change one single thing.

On a completely unrelated track spent a very nice evening. We went to listen to a symphony, it was sold out, so went with a friend to his college bar, had some yummy cocktails at really subsidised rates and sat in his common room which we had all to ourselves. I am going to miss Oxford and its various colleges when I leave.

Tomorrow we are planning to go for a picnic and our usual Sunday walk, weather permitting.

Have a happy Sunday.

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