Thursday, 20 May, 2010

Sunday breakfast....

This Sunday I was suffering from a hangover, so my husband made me breakfast. He made the traditional English breakfast which was more a brunch than breakfast except that mushrooms and tomatoes are missing.


  1. it was a good breakfast, spl since it was presented to it and all i had to do was eat it :)....come over we will feed you many such will love the breakfast choices here

  2. Look who is talking...the one who was lazy to cook breakfasts coz she always had a trade off between more sleep or cooking breakfast for herself. though u changed alot when u shifted and started working. Now since jiju is der i hope u r not coming back to those instincts again ;) . jokes apart! its gud to see all this and u guys and keep writing coz this is the best way i get to know whats happening now adays out there.

  3. honey how nice to see you here and thanks for the lovely comment :) just remember tum mere bhai ho, zada jiju jiju kar ne ka nehi!


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