Monday, 26 January, 2009


''City life is millions of people being lonesome together''~~ Henry David Thoreau

Went to see the new Bangla movie Aantaheen....which means endless. It is in a sense an endless movie...the waiting seems to be going on. After a long time in Praiya cinema hall, could not get ticket for the afternoon show and had to go back in the evening, and then had to queue up. It seems to be a hit movie, good for Bangla movie industry. It deserves a break and some crowd to motivate the movie makers.

This movie is all about urban loneliness, it shows individuals who are all busy and how in their rush to live life, never get the chance to be with their loved ones, or even if they get the chance mountains of accumulated pain does not let them breach the gap. The movie is very well made, a visual treat and the music is superb. Suddenly the end disturbs you and you cannot come away unaffected. The movie makes you realise what you are upto in your own life. Are you lonely, if so why? It is a big question and the answer is not always very comfortable. The movie wants to make you reach out and tell everyone around you that they do matter, that you do care even if you do not show or talk about it.

Scenes like eating dinner alone, spending time on chat abound. Suddenly you feel, hey I do that too. Then you feel but for me it is different. Then you wonder how is it different when you eat alone or when you prefer talking to a stranger on the chat or spend time on the internet when you could be spending time with your loved ones? Suddenly there is no answer. Suddenly your computer, the great friend becomes the chief accomplice of your loneliness. In today's world do we take refuge in our computers? Have computers or rather internet become an escape for most of us? This movie is all about taking our life for granted, when what we do not realise is that none of us have infinite time-- time and oppurtunities are finite and needed to be made use of.

I would reccomend watching the movie. I loved it, though I am not sure that I would go back and watch it again.

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