Thursday, 8 January, 2009

Snow Globes...

beth got this for me from florida

indranil got this one for me from denmark

i picked this one up from quebec city, it shows the furnival

I do not remember the first time I saw a snow globe. I guess it was in some relative's house. And then I used to see them in television or in English movies. Even before I had any of my own, I remember being fascinated by snow globes. They are such wonderful things. When in Canada I picked up one of the Quebec City's Furnival. Both old city of Quebec and the Furnival are such enchanting places it seemed worthy to remember them through a snowglobe.
Beth knowing my craziness got me one when she went to visit Florida.

This time I went crazy seeing the snow globes for sale during in all the pre Christmas fairs in Europe. Indranil got me one of an angel from Denmark. All my three snowglobes are my favourite decoration objects. I do so love turning them around and then setting them right and watch when the snow drifts down. It seems like there is a small world held inside that glass ball. I stare at the globes and fantacise about many things. Time seems magical there, what with snow drifting down on the small object inside the globe.

Wherever I relocate I drag my snow globes along. All three of my snow globes are small ones. As it is snow globes are heavy stuff so the bigger ones are rather difficult to carry around. Especially if you are frantically trying to limit your luggauge to 20 kgs. But I do so love the big snowglobes. One day when I am down with all my crazy relocation and decide to build a home, I plan to collect some big snow globes with music and make a shelf of these only. It is a pity I have never seen a snowglobe in India. Imagine if our artisans started making snowglobes they would make such beautiful ones. I would be one dedicated buyer for sure.


  1. I adore them...I want a really nice big one from someone one day....

  2. Hi suchismit
    I have write all your note posted here through which i guess u r very straight forward and emotional lady. I am far away from your. I believe u r strong in education background and the same your r not fixed your goal set.
    I really entourage you for note in ur blogs it s very important every body to express your self.
    Any way wishing you good luck i ma Nicolas from NZ.....i hv done PHD genetics...

  3. hi name is mike,my wife collects snowglobes.ididnt know this until this weekend.we have been married for 2 years and we are having a yard sale this weekend and she brought out all thees globes,i can't let her get rid of them,i just want to add to her collectioni bought her a cabinet for them,so all i am asking is do you have one that you would be willing to give up?just contact me at mikeyk876@AOL.COMTHANK YOU........MIKE


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