Wednesday, 14 January, 2009

Dedicate 2009 to finding Mr Right...

In the last two days I have had three interesting conversations that I must share. They are all my friends and I have promised not to disclose identities. Hence this discreet, without disclosure, sharing.

Two days back we met for a drink. After drowning two pinacoladas we got into not so discreet (read rather loud and boisterous) discussion in a bar about the men or the lack thereof in our lives. Right now she is in between men and not in a very good shape. The last guy was someone with whom she had gelled really well. But then she jumped the gun and wanted to discuss the future and wham and bham the guy got scared and ran like hell. Tell me men, why do you register yourselves to these marriage sites if you don't want to talk about the future? Talk about confusion!!!!!!! And what is it? What do you think we women are? Police, roaming around with handcuffs, about to imprison you? For records we women are equally commitment shy and are not interested in getting married to just about any Raj/Rishi/Rahul who pops up. Still continuing, so this friend is still moping about this guy, pretending to be strong and trying to act like she doesn't care and failing miserably. Right now she is going through pangs of guilt thinking she has pushed away a nice man away from her life with her aggression and is down in dumps in the process. What I cannot convince her is that if this man was this perfect he would not have run. We had a serious conversation whether she should be trying to get in touch with him. Though it was she who brought the idea up, she is totally unsure. It is a continous 'should I, should I not' for her right now. Having gone through such situations in life, I know oh so well what she going through. To get back, I am all for her getting in touch with this guy, primarily for her own self. Rather than her lingering thinking about all the what ifs and trying to find solace in pinacoladas, she should just get in touch with this guy. I firmly believe she needs this closure. But in the process we had a great laugh about men and their madness in general. My friend to add further complication and drama in her life, really badly wants a baby! I know this is not the right way to go about finding a man. You should have the man first and then the baby, oh well ideally! But she is at a stage where she wants a baby more than a man! I convinced her that she should dedicate 2009 in finding Mr Right. Let us assume that there is a Mr Right for all of us somewhere. Mine was/is sitting in Denmark and had it not been for this friend I would have never found him. Similarly hers might be somewhere, in fact anywhere from the North Pole to the South. Hopefully by the end of this year, she can plan her baby with her man. I hope he comes looking for her and is equally impatient to get to her, like she is. On a serious note, I am so happy that in spite of all the confusion my friend still is laughing about it and at herself.

This other friend of mine on the other hand is dating three men. Yes guys you read it right, she is currently, all at the same time dating three men. I am soooooo impressed and soooooooooo j. Well she says that she has nothing going on with any of them, but the very fact that she has three men to choose from is such a liberating idea. I mean just imagine on Monday you meet A, then Tuesday B and so on and so forth. If she is not in the mood for C, she can spend time with B. If B is being cranky, A is the man of the evening. Man I never had such choices in my life. And to top it, out of these three, my friend says two are definitely nice guys while the third one is totally into her. Every woman in her life must have such a situation at least once. Ever since I heard this, green spots have started coming on my face. First there were the pimples, then that awful mustache and now green spots!!!!! Some of us gets ugly spots while others all the men!
Another girl friend of mine has adopted a cat. Well she says it is a kitten and not yet a cat. Her husband had rescued this kitten who is really cute and rather nakhrewali. For this friend, this has made her really domesticated. She is the last person whom I imagined to have turned into a momma for a cat. She has promised to send pictures of her cat. Oh well this new year sure is churning out surprises in great numbers!


  1. :-) well there is now more to share!

  2. Three interesting stories!!! The lady with three choices is a lucky one.
    Mr Right never comes in life but surely one should look for someone whom u can love with all his follies.U get irritated with him and yet keep falling in love more deeply.

  3. anugem i am a solid bottle green is evenly spread and not even spots anymore...

    thanks angira for commenting....:) i can hardly believe this!


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