Monday, 12 January, 2009

Saturday Evening Bluey Binge...

Saturday after working the full day, I was in the mood to be indolent and pamper myself. Got my cousin to go with me, wanted some beauty treatment. Hell I was tired of my bushy eye brows and my mustache. Wrong things grow on wrong sex. I am sure my mustache would have made a Rajasthani man proud, or at least a teenage boy who peeps into his mirror every 10 minutes hoping against hope that at least of hint of mustache has appeared on his chin.

While my eye brows were being pluckered, I kept debating whether I should get a facial done or not. I am still not used to these beauty parlours of Kolkata. I miss Blossoms which was on the ground floor of my home in Delhi, the convinience of the parlour, the gossips girls and their thousand questions about my room mates and me. Of course debate won in me being indulgent. Had the most horrible and undatisfactory stuff done on my face. Oh yes the most expensive to boot. Came out feeling throughly unsatisfied. What to do next, ah for a yummy chocolate pastry.
Conviniently there was a Barista next door, march into Barista. Order chocolate estasy with ice cream and all. There were a couple of people hanging around drinking coffee. Sigh! I can never understand how people can sit in a cafe and just drink coffee. I wish I could be like that. My cousin and I, we literally attacked the dessert, finished it like an army is about to attack us. That done moved onto sandwiches.

The food made me feel better. Finally it felt like a weekend. Called up Jayshree she was celebrating her birthday somewhere, was hanging out with a bunch of people from office, half of whom I dont even know. How time November I was part of that January I dont even know half of the people. I tell myself this move of mine is for the best, better things are on my way etc etc. But on empty weekend evenings such pep talks fall short. What remains is the emptiness and the realisation that I need to work in fitting into my old life again. Once Kolkata was home, this was all the life I knew, I had all my friends here. I was the most comfortable here. But for too long I have been away. This had become the place where I used to come for vacations, when my parents would suspend their normal lives and be with me. Now I am back to living here, my parents follow their own rhytm of life, my old friends are mostly dispersed or busy. I do not live with friends anymore. Lots of things to digest and internalise. All the good mood created by all that chocolate estacy vanish.....................

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  1. Hey I have a great moustache too.....I agree with you about the wrong growth on wrong sex.....


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