Friday, 23 January, 2009

Take your chance baby!

How often are we ready in life to let go of our comfrot zones?

I was talking to a friend who has landed a great job and she is super excited about it, yet a little apprehensive too. She had been in her old job for sometime and this was a known field for her. She is a little worried about leaving behind her comfort zone and plunging headlong to the unknown.

While adivicing her I realised that if such a situation ever arose in my life I would be reacting exactly the same way. I have always moved towards the unknown, willingly faced fresher challenges, yet a part of me always feels uncertain. I always wanted to leave home and make it on my own when I was young. Yet when the time came I just wished even though very briefly that it was not yet the time.

Lately a friend does not know what is happening in her love life-- the guy is there yet not there. She was discussing the pros and the cons of having him and not having him in her life. When you have hit the 30s and have had not so good experiences a certain cynicism sets in. It is difficult to let go of it. Even after having someone as steady as Indranil in my life I often get into its grips. So I can understand very well what this friend is going through. But somewhere you have to take your chance. Was watching Life in a Metro yet again yesterday evening and this is exactly what Monty (Irfaan Khan) tells Shruti (Konkona Sen Sarma) "take your chance baby"!

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  1. Totally you realize that more often than not it is our own selves that we are up against!!!! Good one Suchi......and thank you for when in doubt I shall reach for and read this entry in your blog......


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