Friday, 2 January, 2009

What if....

What if one day you do not want to conform to your self or to the world at large?

What harm can it cause if one day I wake up and just decide to be different?

What if I am rude and shocking and scandalising? Would my co workers still work with me?

What if I am bitchy and mean? Would my friends still love me?

What if I am immature and unreasonable? Would my partner still accept me?

I am asking all these rethorical questions because I suddenly feel that people we interact with, love, cherish and honour, we do all of that because something in that person, some quality we admire.

But what if the other person or for that matter me, have no qualities worth admiring or loving, would the people still be interested in being in some kind of relationship with me?

Ar'nt relationshops way too 'me' centric? How much do we actually think about the other person in a relationship?

What are the relationships we actually value so much, actually worth? Or are relationships matter of convinience like A loves B when it is convinient for him to do so and vice versa?

Just some random thoughts. What do you think?

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